At Anchor we believe in providing a rich dairy experience built on the goodness of milk, to the lives of Sri Lankans.

Mums give their support and love unconditionally, making the right choices to help their children achieve their full potential. Through Anchor, we’ve provided high quality dairy nutrition trusted by generations globally since 1877, to help our nation’s children achieve their dreams of becoming tomorrow’s champions.


6.2 million tests a year are conducted to deliver the safest, highest quality milk through a stringent manufacturing process - from the minute the milk is collected on farm, all the way through its journey until it reaches retail shelves.

Goodness of Milk

Dairy products such as milk, yoghurt and cheese provide several important nutrients into our diet and are one of the richest sources of dietary calcium.


Our social and cultural initiatives value the importance of family bonds and unity, touching the lives of Sri Lankans through gifts of love.

The Anchor Family


Anchor is enriched with important vitamins and minerals. Anchor milk powder is ideal for the whole family. Anchor Plus for the ages 1 to 5 years ensures the best possible nourishment for your growing child.

Anchor Newdale

Filled with flavour and nutrition, Anchor Newdale yoghurt and Anchor Newdale flavoured milk are ideal ways to stay refreshed and energized. Let your children explore and find their awesomeness. Anchor Newdale supports their immune system and helps them achieve their goals.

Anchor PediaPro

Anchor PediaPro is packed with vital nutrients to support the mental and physical growth of your child. PediaPro 1 - 2 and PediaPro 2 - 5 are designed to help fulfil the needs of the relevant age categories so as to support the growth and development of your child.